Friday, October 12, 2007

BORN Magazine: Art and Literature Together

This morning I happened upon this webzine, BORN, and I can’t recommend it enough. These folks are using computer based multimedia (particularly animation), traditional art, sound effects, and stunning poetic text to provide an intense experience for the audience. Not only did I thrill at the content on the site itself, but also I found myself clicking through a number of the links to learn more about the artists and designers. Think of it as an art gallery where all the artists merge their morphing images with stunning literature and a soundtrack. You’ll be enthralled and amazed! A great place to explore.


Ariel said...

Another site to check out is "Dreaming Methods:, particularly the O'Gauble link. I also have some discussion of Born & Digital Literature on my site


Keith Badowski said...

Thanks, AK, for your comment and for pointing me at Dreaming Methods. I pulled it up and was impressed. I am fascinated with Digital Literature, so I appreciate the tip.