Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Spontaneous Poem

I didn’t prod anyone for a prompt this week which resulted in no new prompts. However, I do have a backlog of requests from the last two weeks, so I’m working through those in order of reception. Waiting in line are Linda Ames and Jean D. Mahavier. I’ll get to those requests as time permits.

The prompt I took on this week comes from my Mom, Ronnie Badowski:

animated suspension (not the other way it is usually said)
worm hole

Sarcasm Before and During the Leap

Give that genius a polished Red Delicious
whomever it was thought
to dive from a bridge
wearing a network of suspenders
hooked to tether of bungee.
Clearly she has the same kind of beautiful mind
as the guy who invented lederhosen
or the one came up with scuba gear
or ice fishing. So ingenious to eat
around the worm hole in the apple
all the way down to the edge of the core—
at least get something in you
before that plummet, that fall
towards the ravine, the rapids, the ice
bugs impacting against your pupils
but unable to feel it
your whole body is a sensationless
windshield the sky draws away from.
Only madness could aspire
to this animated suspension
as the cord lengthens out
and the ground pauses near your nose.
You are drawn back
but not enough to breathe
to get out the words
I want my apple back.

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TS said...

As I've already told you, this is great stuff! There should be neon flashing, drinks raised high, or at least some appreciative comments here. Are we all swine or what?

Keep 'em coming; you've inspired me to work toward some Friday poetry of my own, but spontaneity has thus far shown that my stuff really does need some helpful revisions.