Sunday, October 05, 2008

What I did last weekend instead of 'Spontaneous Poetry'

So, last weekend I was in Baltimore, MD for the Baltimore Comic Con.
“Where are you from?” a stranger asks.
“Alabama,” I say.
“What brings you to Baltimore?”
“The Baltimore Comic Con,” I reply.
“Oh, yeah? Say something funny!”
“No. Not stand-up comedy, comic books.”
End of conversation.

Believe it or not, I had the above conversation twice. Two different people jumped to the same conclusion. Maybe they should rename it the Baltimore Graphic Pictorial Storytelling Convention.

The weekend was quite enjoyable except for the stomach virus on Friday and the fever chills on Friday night.

I got to spend a bunch of time with my bud, Tim Healy. When we’re together we never let up on the joking around and teasing each other. On Thursday evening, I was doodling in the bar at the Marriott. Drew a lousy Spider-Man head on the back of an envelop. I discarded it and grabbed another envelop.

“What are you going to draw?” said Tim, “another lousy Spider-Man?” (Thanks, Tim.)
“No! You tell me what to draw. I’m taking requests.”
“Okay, Wolverine.”

So I start to draw Wolverine, staring with his pointy hair. When I get to the rest of his head, I draw a round circle. Spontaneously, I merged Marvel Comics with . . . well, you can see for yourself. (Click the thumbnail below to enlarge.)

Tim and I laughed so hard over that one, tears started rolling. Every so often, when the laughing started to trail off, Tim would utter a firm, declarative, “Wow!” About fifteen times, Tim said “Wow!” I thought I would burst. The bartenders thought perhaps we’d both had a bit too much. One beer is my limit, at least when Tim and I are goofing off. We are so easily amused.

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