Monday, December 08, 2008

History Among the Rocks by Robert Penn Warren

The reader of this Robert Penn Warren poem has a hypnotic voice. I'm impressed by the reading and the poem itself. Click play, lean back in your chair and treat yourself.


jay said...

Do you know when this was written? Im a undergrad at Yale and plan to present this poem to section tomorrow as we wrap up the history department's survey of the Civil War & Reconstruction. A date would really strengthen the presentation.

Keith Badowski said...

When I got your message, Jay, I did not know off the top of my head when this was written. However, a few minutes of research on Google yields the info that "History Among the Rocks" by Robert Penn Warren was included in his first book of verse, THIRTY-SIX POEMS (1935). I have no doubt that with the research skills they must teach at Yale you should have no problem finding the exact date of composition if that information has ever been published. You might try the biography of Robert Penn Warren by Joseph Blotner. Good Luck!