Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Why I Should Win the Nobel Prize for Literature" by Keith Badowski

Is it political humor? Poetry? Both? Neither? You decide:


Aisha said...

Hahahaha, Keith, I really enjoyed that. And I was also impressed how you managed to keep a straight face. I would have been laughing at my own jokes if it were me!


Keith Badowski said...

Yes, I'm so straight faced sometimes that people hardly know I'm kidding. Thanks for the compliment! Glad I could entertain you! Peace,Keith

SPLEP1 said...

So sorry about the top of your head. And, you better start listening to your wife. Luv ya buddy!

TS said...

Well done, sir! You are now definitely qualified to be an embedded poet if and when the need to colonize other planets arises.

Many LOLs were issued by Mrs. TS while watching this video. You tickled my funny bone, as well; I need to schedule a trip that way!