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FW: Poetry Contests and Writer's Conference

I'm forwarding this info to all the poets and writers I know.

If you're willing, please forward it on to all the poets and writers you know too! Please?


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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 07:20:56 -0500
Subject: Poetry Contests and Writer's Conference

Our Next Quarterly Meeting: Saturday, October 23rd in Columbus GA

Details coming soon, but in the meantime, please mark your calendars.

Georgia Poetry Society Poetry Contests

Each year, entries are accepted beginning September 1 and ending with postmarks of October 31.

The General Rules can be found at http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/Contests.aspx

We are introducing two new contests this year:

The Anderson Social Poetry Prize ($500)

The award is given to honor two young men, Forest Anderson Rogers and Mathew Anderson Crowe, who had deep interest in how people interacted in past and current social conditions.

One winner will be awarded $500. Note: There are no 2nd or 3rd place awards in this contest.

Entered poems must exemplify the category of "social poetry." Social poetry reflects a keen interest in the human condition: our behaviors, relationships, beliefs, ideologies, scientific concepts, and how we perceive our world and the universe in which we reside. Poems submitted may be any form with a maximum length of 40 lines. Enter up to 3 poems. Poems submitted must also adhere to the Georgia Poetry Society "General Rules" for contests including the postmark deadline, October 31st.

Examples of social poetry: "Out, Out—" by Robert Frost, "The Death of the Hat" by Billy Collins, and "In the Waiting Room" by Elizabeth Bishop.
Entry Fee
(This is an exception from the standard fees for GPS contests.) $10 per poem (non-GPS members), $5 per poem (GPS members).

Under a Hundred Chapbook Competition

Under a Hundred: Chapbook Contest in Honor of Edward Davin Vicker

Every two years, the Under a Hundred Chapbook Competition selects for recognition three poets to be included in a combined chapbook. Below are the contest rules and guidelines for the 2010 Under a Hundred Chapbook Contest.
How to Enter

Send two copies of not more than 100 lines of poetry. You may include a title page, table of contents, and acknowledgments pages. These will not count as part of the 100 line limit for poetry.

No translations.

Use a conventional typeface, such as Times Roman, in 12-point font.

Do not include illustrations.

Poems must be typed and in English.

Use only 8 ½ X 11-inch white paper.

Any subject, and in any form. However, poems must demonstrate appropriate language and good taste. In general, poems will be disqualified if found to contain indecencies, obscenities, defamations, or hateful expressions.

Place your name and address on one copy of the manuscript. No author identification of any kind on the second copy, which will be sent to the judge.
No email, text message, disc, MP3 or other electronic submissions.

Entry Fee
$10 per submission of less than 100 lines. Make check/money order payable to Georgia Poetry Society. Do not send cash.

Only one entry is permitted per person.

Entrant need not be a member of the Georgia Poetry Society.

Must be postmarked by October 31, 2010. Late entries will NOT be considered.

Mail entries to
Georgia Poetry Society
ATTN: Under A Hundred Contest
P. O. Box 2184
Columbus, GA 31902

Three winners will be chosen. No honorable mentions or runners-up.

GPS determines printing and binding specifications and book design. Publication rights rest with GPS until the chapbook is published. After that, rights revert to the author.

Winner receives $50 and 25 printed copies of the chapbook. The author may dispose of these as s/he deems appropriate, including selling them.
GPS will print additional copies of the winning chapbook over and above those presented to the author and reserves the right to sell these copies.

Enclose a SASE if you want to know if you won prior to the official announcement.

The contest will not be judged by a GPS member. The judge's decision will be final.

Our regular and recurring contests include the following:

Langston Hughes Award: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/LangstonHughesAward.aspx

Mnemosyne Award: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/MnemosyneAward.aspx

Reece Competition: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/ReeceCompetition.aspx

Founders Award: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/FoundersAward.aspx

Educators Award: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/EducatorsAward.aspx

Edgar Bowers Award: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/EdgarBowersAward.aspx

Foreign Language: http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/ForeignLanguage.aspx

Our contest Chairperson is Lou Jones. If you have questions about the contests, please direct them to Lou. His email address is loutoni@plantationcable.net

Chattahoochee Valley Writers' Conference

Register now for the 4th Annual Chattahoochee Valley Writers' Conference in Columbus, Georgia scheduled for September 23 through 25, 2010. For more information go to www.chattwriters.org.

Here's the latest news from the Chattahoochee Valley Writers' Conference.

We just received word that John Langan cannot make it to this years' conference. We're disappointed of course, but don't fret, Catherynne M. Valente has graciously offered to step in. Her workshop is titled, "The Fantasy Author's Toolbox." Find out more about Catherynne and her newest book, Palimpsest (Bantam Dell) that listed as Amazon's #1 SFF Book of 2009 at www.CatherynneMValente.com.

Rick Campbell will lead a workshop entitled "First the Poem, Then the Book". Read Rick's interview with the Southeast Review Online at www.SouthEastReview.org/2008/campbell.php

A workshop entitled "Writing through Grief" will be led by Jessica Handler. Jessica's book, Invisible Sisters: A Memoir has been named one of the "Twenty Five Books All Georgians Should Read". Check out Jessica's latest blog posting at www.JessicaHandler.com.

A workshop on "Publishing in Today's World" will be led by John P. Travis. Check out John's recent Portals Press publications at www.portalspress.com.

Sarah C. Campbell will lead a workshop on "Photos + Stories = Winning Nonfiction & Earn $$ Before Getting Published." Go to www.SarahCCampbell.com and watch the cool video about her latest book, Growing Patterns. Sarah's Web site and video are excellent examples of how digital technology is changing the way authors promote their work.

"Poetry About Poetry: How Language Looks at Itself" will be led by Carey Scott Wilkerson. Read a review of his first collection, Threading Stone at http://www.writersforum.org/books/archive.aspx?ArchiveYear=2009&Category=Poetry

A workshop on "How to Write a Novel in 30 Days" will be led by Elsie Austin. You can find Elsie on Facebook at www.facebook.com/people/Elsie-Austin/1683775053.

For more information about the Georgia Poetry Society
Contact: Keith Badowski
Georgia Poetry Society, PO Box 2184, Columbus GA 31902, (334) 448-4715

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