Saturday, July 04, 2009


Where to begin? It’s been months since I wrote anything for this blog—with good reason! I’ve been to Alaska for an 11 day vacation. See the picture below. I’ve teamed up with Ron Self in starting our very own poetry press: Brick Road Poetry Press. Our start up entailed me typesetting, formatting, proofreading, and correcting the text. Also I laid out the cover and formatted that. Our first book is due out in about 2 weeks, entitled Dancing on the Rim by poet Clela Reed. I’m very proud of it already since I find Clela’s poetry to be top notch. This is not just another poetry collection. It’s one that rewards the reader the first time through and the tenth time through. On top of all that I’ve been working my normal day job at the church, and presiding over the Georgia Poetry Society. Recently I’ve been sinking a lot of time into the pre-planning and publicity for our next quarterly meeting on July 25th. Whew! There’s good reason why I feel like I’ve got three full-time jobs.

I also want to put out a big thanks to Jerri Beck, Robert Boliek, Suzanne Coker, Jim Ferguson, Irene Latham, and Barry Marks, The Big Table Poets, for coming from Birmingham to Columbus, GA for our first Thursday of the month poetry reading on July 2nd. Their presentation was outstanding! I can’t wait to read their new collection EINSTEIN AT THE ODEON CAFÉ.

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