Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slight Slow Down

With the beginning of the school year, my life seems to be slowing down again a bit. What it means for me is that the whirlwind of summer (when my wife and I take our trips and try to enjoy the time that she’s home from her job as a media specialist) has come to an end, for the time being. We don’t have kids—just a rascally dog that keeps us hopping—so things get quieter for me during the school year. Also this summer was insane in terms of what I tried to pack into it: trip to Alaska, trip to Maine, launch of poetry press, and continued effort for Georgia Poetry Society.

In the next couple of blogs, I suspect I'll talk about my summer in some more depth. Just in photographs alone, I could easily blog hourly until the next millennium.

Here's another sample of the sights from Alaska:

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