Sunday, November 13, 2011

2nd Weekend Update on Writing a Novel in 30 Days

I’m at 21,287 words (the goal being 50,000) which is exactly on target for finishing on Nov 30th. This is thanks to Christi, since she’s the one who gave her blessing to write in the car this weekend. No, I wasn’t driving while writing! Christi was driving, but she gave me permission to write in the passenger seat while she drove. Since I was already ahead on my word count going into this weekend, I was able to keep up with the daily average requirements even though I wrote a lots less on Friday and Saturday in the car. We were in the car due to our trip to Atlanta for the Johns Creek Poetry Festival, where I did spontaneous poems again--so even more writing!!!!

I’m starting to wonder about an ending for the novel and have a few ideas, but don’t know whether the characters are going to cooperate with those. I’ve gotten my last few scenes from pure character surprises, writing to find out what they were going to do. Man, I never saw that cue stick coming for the back of that guy’s head. Nor did I know that a sermon would change the lives of two of my characters. So I’m hoping for more surprises like that.

And I'm hoping for more surprises like my friend Todd's latest poem. Check out his poetry at “Sentient Force Field.”
--it rocks!

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