Thursday, May 22, 2008

Looking for a Prompt for Tomorrow's Spontaneous Poem

As you may or may not know, I have begun a project where I write a "Spontaneous Poem" every Friday, inspired by the prompt of the first person who sends me something that week.
I am only taking prompts starting Wednesday evenings, since I don't want too much time to think about the poem ahead of writing it.
Prompts can be anything:
random words
line(s) by another poet
poetry assignments, such as writing a Sonnet which mentions African Violets
Currently I do not have a prompt for this week. So send me something soon. Use this email address which should be written without any spaces: the bearded poet AT hot mail DOT com (I'm writing it this way to subvert spammers!)
I guarantee to write based on the first prompt received.  If time permits, I will attempt to do others.
You can view the results every Friday on my Blog. (See the link below.)
By the way, "Spontaneous Poems" are given away. In other words, I will not revise them or claim ownership of them. This is an exercise in being free and giving freely. The concept is designed to help you break away from own inner critic, who sometimes suppresses your creativity. The poems you write are not YOURS. They belong to the world! We sometimes get cramped about this.
Thanks in advance for your participation.
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