Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Manaties Watercolor

Some of my long-time friends know that my childhood dream was to be a cartoonist or comic book artist. You know how adults are always asking kids, "What do you want to be when you grow-up?" Well, my earliest answer was "Charles M. Schulz!" Yeah, that's right! I wanted to take over writing and drawing Peanuts when Schulz got too old to do it anymore. Good thing I gave up on that dream, since Schulz refused (wisely) to allow anyone else to continue the strip after his retirement and death. Anyway, I have retained the germ of the drawing bug over the years. Rarely I pull out my sketchbook and simply draw. Recently, Christi's elementary school had an art exhibit as a fund-raiser. The theme was "Underwater Creatures". I decided to contribute, and here is the result.

If anyone reading this likes this illustration enough to want it for a wall decoration, I'm willing to gift it. It's yours for the asking! Note: It is unframed and would need to be matted.

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That's just amazing!! Thanks for sharing...