Monday, May 26, 2008

A Non-Spoiler Review of Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Cyrstal Skull

I enjoyed this latest Indy romp very much. However, some of the cartoony action just went way too far. The sort of thing that makes you go, "AWwww that's ridiculous!" I much more preferred the quieter moments where Indy uses his intellect and the energy of his personality. I found none of it boring and laughed outloud several times. That’s exactly what you want in a Summer Blockbuster. The explanations of who, what, why all seem like they were handed down from on-high—-not by God, but by George Lucas!! All the artifacts in the Indy series have been fantastical, but this one takes the cake. The object of interest is given the wackiest backstory. And the climax is pure nonsensical spectacle. Thankfully the characters remain charming and their own lovable selves. I'm very pleased at the return of Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood. This movie was worth it just to have that Indy & Marion relationship revisited and developed further. I was happy with it overall. It compares well with The Last Crusade.

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